Electric boilers

Trianco Aztec electric boilers have powered thousands of homes across the UK over the years. They remain one of the most popular ranges available in the Trianco portfolio of heating products.

Designed with precision and engineered to perfection the range is produced to a superb standard that is expected of a British manufacturer. Aztec is the preferred choice for many households that have no mains gas supply or are seeking an alternative to fuels such as oil or LPG.
Aztec boilers have minimum noise levels and an efficiencies of 99.8%. They can work effectively alongside any renewable technology and can provide you with ample supply to radiators just like any other conventional boiler.

New and improved PCB
Aztec boilers feature specifically designed state of the art, printed circuit boards (PCB). Providing full modulation, it controls the continuous supply of an optimum output for the systems demand. They are fully controllable  through all heating cycles and ultimately help you reduce running costs.
Dry fire and overheat monitoring fully protects the elements and a full diagnostic remote fault finding feature is available to help you make sure your boiler is functioning correctly.

ERP approved
All Trianco Aztec electric boilers are ERP approved. ERP is an ‘Energy related products’ regulation, designed to label products that meet the criteria put in place to meet European emission and carbon reduction targets for 2020.

Our electric boiler range

  • Aztec Classic

    Aztec Classic – Available in outputs of 6kW-12kW , the Classic has furnished thousands of homes across the UK over the last decade.
  • Aztec Mini System

    Aztec Mini System – Our Aztec Mini System is ideal for your compact projects such as apartments, cabins and garden rooms.
  • Aztec Mini Combi

    Aztec Mini Combi – Our Aztec Mini Combi is ideal for your compact projects such as apartments, cabins and garden rooms.
  • Aztec Maxi Combi

    Our Aztec Maxi Combi is the ultimate space saving solution and ideal where your space is at a premium but hot water storage is required.
  • Aztec Classic Plus

    Aztec Classic Plus – Available in outputs of between 6kw- and 12kw the Aztec Classic + is a wall mounted slim design and is specifically perfect for your small spaces and can even be sited in a wall cupboard.